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10 Top Equity Ideas - January 2021

For good or bad, the headlines came from the US. While the function of the social network is being questioned and reviewed, the long-term outlook does not change—users and corporations will make use of media facilities more than ever. With the Senate and the White House now under Democratic control, investors found renewed optimism in the prospect of a further, Democratic-led, much-needed fiscal stimulus. This reinforces our positive stand on equities, in particular on small caps, which should benefit from consumer support.
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CBDC - FinTech

Speculations about digital currencies being the next big thing made us work on deeper analysis and research. We concluded that blockchain technology-backed business models are scoping the future financial flows because about 85% of the world's central banks are actively working on some strategies to implement Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The present payment system needs a refresh, and digitalizing all of it appears opportune. In the absence of any valuable investment opportunity in CBDC, we consider opportunities in the digital payment ecosystem, in particular the service enablers. As of today, there are about 130 identified companies that are presently working or expected to work in the field of digital payments.
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